We created Cazarr because

We believe there is a better, easier and more cost effective way to sell cars. Our app challenges the confusing and outdated options in the market with a simple, flexible, single price, car only platform. Why pay for a block of weeks and certain number of cars when you should only pay for what you are selling.

Adding more value than anyone else

So we've ripped up the rule book on how you pay for car adverts, but we know pricing is only one element of selling a car. We're obsessed with adding more value that any other platform out there. That're adding in even more value added features free of charge to help you sell more cars. We've got even more ideas to put in place after launch.


  • Sell Cars And Be Charged By The Day
    Why continue to pay for an advert if the car is already sold? We don't bill by blocks of cars. Only pay for the cars you have for sale. If they sell, stop being billed for the advert that day.
  • Simple Pricing Model
    A single price, per day per car
  • No 3rd Party Ads
    No Finance pop up ads, no insurance ads. Just a pure platform for buyers to find cars with no distractions
  • Local Searches First
    Buyers find cars that are available and local to them first.
  • Your Stock
    No mention of how long a car has been for sale on the forecourt.
  • Trade Marketplace
    Public sellers have the option to send their vehicle out to the trade for a direct quick offer.
  • 5 Free car adverts
    5 Free car adverts each month
  • No Selling Fee
    No selling fee ever
  • No Contracts
    Why should you be tied into a lengthy contract?
  • No Sponsored Ads
    Keeping listings pure and giving users what they want
  • No Pricing Index
    Sick of other platforms telling others how "well" your car is priced without taking the condition, service, MOT etc into consideration?
  • Social Media Marketing
    Connect your social media up to us and we'll automatically let your followers know about new cars. We post and share vehicles on our social media channel, when a new car/dealer signs up it automatically sends out a message.



    Automated customer nurturing. If a customer enquires via email, our system can send a series of 3 emails over the next few days to keep in touch. Dealers can use our pre made templates or edit them with their own message and an offer.

  • Call Tracking

    Find out where calls are coming from and the number of the caller if you miss the call. Receive text or an email of the callers details.

  • Finance

    Choose your own finance and get customers applications started online. Per month pricing auto populates each advert a user looks at

  • Electric Car Section

    Quick fast and direct searches of Electric cars

  • Analytics

    Leads, impressions, clicks, car sold, stock turnover rate etc all accessed via the app to get a simple, clear understanding of important data.

  • Instant Refundable Deposits

    Set at a min of £50 per car. People will be able to place an instant deposit on any car. The benefit for public is that they reserve their perfect car. The benefit for the dealer is a better way to gain customer commitment.

  • Trade Marketplace

    View, buy and dispose slow selling or unwanted stock. Find stock on offer from other dealers in one central place. NEW Private sellers will have the option to place stock on here for direct offers.

  • Life Style Search

    Search for cars based on lifestyle. Searches will include new driver, economic car, family car etc


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